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Update News for January 2016    

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

You Snooze, You lose

I remain amazed at the number of subscribers who don't make time to read these bulletins. We work very hard to provide opportunities for you to make more money using Compulife, and many of our subscribers miss out simply because they won't read the bulletins. Given that life agents make money selling paper, and that the content on the paper is important...

For those of you who do read, this bulletin contains some VERY important announcements, please pay close attention.

Happy New Year!

Before we talk about how we are making our product better, and how we can help you make money with our product, everyone here at Compulife would like to wish you a Happy New Year. Even though we have faced some unexpected challenges in 2015, with software piracy, it was another great year of growth and our best year to date.

Once again, we hope that 2016 is a great year for you and we hope that Compulife is a big reason for your success in 2016. After all, your success is our success and we can't do what we do without you.

January 11, 2016 9am EST

It doesn't matter if you are already buying additional zip codes, and simply want to get better zip codes, or if you have never bought zip codes before and are thinking that you might like to give it a try, DON'T MISS this opportunity!

On the morning of January 11th Compulife will publish the new 2016 zip code list of agents to our website. Each year a certain number of zip codes that were previously full (3 agents listed) come open and available because one of the agents previously listed is no longer listed. Each year a certain number of subscribers retire, some die, some leave the business, whatever. The zip codes that they previously had, a number of them GREAT zip codes to be listed in, become available. Those agents who buy those zip codes have a LOCK on them unless they are bumped by a local agent (and that can only happen at the end of each year).

At the beginning of each year there is a bigger and bigger land rush for the purchase or exchange of zip codes that have become available because subscribers did not renew their zip code listings. This year will be no different and will offer better opportunities to buy good zip codes as Compulife has reduced the MAXIMUM number of zip codes that any one subscriber is allowed to purchase. Some subscribers are being required to give up some zip codes that they were previously buying.

So if you want to get in, here's what you need to know:

I suspect hundreds of agents will be hitting the Zip Code Analyzer this year and good zip codes, which have been abandoned by those who previously had them, will be plucked up very quickly.

To make this orderly and fair for everyone, here are some important tips/rules:

Do NOT call us on January 11th to discuss zip codes. No doubt some will, and the phones will be plugged; let me say "sorry" in advance. If you have questions about the Zip Code Analyzer or how you should prepare before the 11th, call us now, not on that date.

ONCE AGAIN: Do NOT call us on January 11th to discuss zip codes. Instead, identify those zip codes that you want to buy and email us your list on January 11, 2016, at 9am EST or LATER. Your email should say in the subject line: term4sale zip codes. Send the email to Alternately you can use this web page to send the request:

Zip Code Application Form

WARNING:   If your email comes in a minute earlier than 9am EST on January 11, 2016, the email will be disqualified.

Zip codes will be sold on a first come first serve basis. If one additional zip code is requested by 3 people, the first person making the request (by email date and time) will get that zip code. Once again, DO NOT CALL!

In the next day or two following your request (new purchase requests after January 11th), you will get a responding email with an invoice for your new zip code purchases. You will have 3 days to complete the purchase by credit card. If the purchase is NOT completed within that time period, the invoice will be credited and removed and the zip codes will remain available. If a second person asks for one of more of those zip codes they will be emailed and given the opportunity to buy it. If they want it, and they will be sent an invoice and have 3 days to complete the transaction.

Some Tips For New Zip Code Buyers

What is a good zip code?

A good zip code, from a numbers point of view, is a zip code which contains a large number of household where the average income of each household is relatively high (for that area). Of course if all the people living in that zip code are older and retired, they are probably not very good prospects for term life insurance. That is where local knowledge and/or other research comes into play, in addition to the information you will find in the zip code analyzer. You can get the household average income, and number of household from the Term4Sale Zip Code Analyzer and if you have not spent much time playing with it, you need to do so prior to January 11th. Some subscribers have become as proficient with it as we ourselves have, and they are like the gamblers at the horse race tracks who carry around those big thick racing forms. They are also the people most likely to profit from the game.

Be realistic with your expectations.

We believe a good result from THREE zip code listings would be one or two contacts a year, and we hope you make at least one sale. If all you have are the three free zip codes you get with your subscription, and you make one sale, then you have more than paid for your subscription from Compulife. If you are one of those subscribers who buy 90 additional listings, paying us $1,350, then we hope you are going to see at least 30 contacts. If you can sell half of those, and average $600 commission per sale, then you will have a very nice profit ($9,000 - $1,350). If you are buying volume, and those are not your results, then maybe Term4Sale is not a good fit for you.

We are not making any guarantee as to how well anyone will do, simply because you are taking a chance, just as anyone does who buys advertising. But you can read the comments of other subscribers who have talked about their Term4Sale experiences here:

Testimonials from Compulife subscribers

Once again, our goal is to make the purchase of Compulife a profitable experience. It's not about what Compulife costs, it's about the money you make using Compulife. And by the way, we think Compulife is priced below value.

Web Quotes Now Has Responsive Pages

Jeremiah has been continuing to work very hard to bring the responsive web page changes that he has made to the Compulife Mobile Edition, to the Web Quote option so that our subscriber who buy the web quote option ($96 per year) can have those improvement for their website quotes.

The older pages and templates will remain for those who want them. If you have designed your site to work with the old pages, you don't need to do anything. It will continue to work as it did before.

For those agents who want to obtain and use the new version, you can see a preview of the new version[new].

NOTE: That link is to a sample of the new page, which is not yet active at The actual page is still showing the current quote format, but that will be updated once we are ready to offer our subscribers the opportunity to upgrade their version/site. That will happen sometime later in January once Jeremiah has intregrated the new options into our database, which allows an account to be established or modifiied with a single click of the button.

The BIG benefit of the responsive pages are for those agents who want to simply create a frame (box) on their web page, and have the Compulife page display in that frame. You will now be able to do that much more easily as the quote result page is fully responsive and will fit the frame (box).

More important: If you design/modify your site/page to be responsive, in order to make it look better on a phone or small tablet, you can do that and the space you allocate for Compulife will also be responsive.

The big benefit is that you no longer have to place the life insurance quote page on your site in order to customize the content around that quote form. If you want, you can simply display the frame, and call the quote page from our server, which can then display in the box. However, if you want to modify/change the page, then you can still place the initial quote request page on your server and change it in any way that you want. Needless to say, for those adding the quote system for the first time, things will be much easier than they were before.

NOTE: You will still need to leave enough space in the frame so that the quote looks decent; you can't display a quote on a postage stamp. Typically you want the frame size to be what would display nicely on a phone (with nothing next to it). Take a look at what we did at, on the home page. The Term4Sale quote pages are not yet responsive but will be responsive once the work on the web quote pages is all finished.

If you are already a subscriber to the Web Quote option, and want to try or look at the new responsive page available for your site, we ask for just a little patience. We will have an email sent to you later in January. At that point you can change/upgrade your account. The upgrade is free if you are already buying the web quote option.

If you do not currently use the Compulife web quote option on your site, then you can do so for 4 months for FREE, with no obligation to buy it at the end of 4 months. It you want the 4 free months, send an email request to:

FREE Mobile Edition

During November Jeremiah upgraded those with the previous version of the Compulife Mobile Edition, to the new version of the Compulife Mobile Edition. The Compulife Mobile Edition is FREE with your subscription to Compulife.

If you do not currently have the Compulife Mobile Edition activated, please complete the following applicaton form. Remember, it's FREE:

Application - Compulife Mobile Edition

Included with the FREE upgrade:

Individual agents can now buy the Compulife Mobile Edition for $96 per year. 10% and 20% discounts apply for those who want to pay 2 or 3 years in advance. Those who buy the Mobile edition can get 3 listings at for an additional $84 per year. Alternatively, if the Compulife Mobile Edition customer wants a quoting system for their website, they can get that and 3 zip codes for only an additional $180 per year.

IMPORTANT:    Standard License subscribers have had the maximum number of mobile devices increased from 5 to 12. They are also allowed to give links to their Compulife Mobile Edition to their agent/brokers. If you are a Standard License subscribers, and need more information, please call or email us at:

If you are a personal use subscriber, but would like to provide a quoting system to fellow brokers, you can upgrade to a standard license.

VERY IMPORTANT:    Standard License subscribers are now allowed to purchase additional access to the Mobile edition for more of their brokers. The initial cost is $300 for 25 additional agent users. Details about this will were sent to Standard License customers in December. If you are interested in that, contact us:

NAAIP: Boxing in the Pirates

I have updated the website:

to reflect some changes that emerged in December.

First, the name "David Gordon" is no longer being pushed in conjunction with NAAIP, it is now "Nate Golden". Yes, another fraudulent alias:

Nate Golden - LinkedIn

It turns out the photograph actually belongs to:

Olivier Alonso

In December I showed this to a good friend of mine whose immediate reaction was "that's identity theft". I said it wasn't so much identity theft in that Rutstein wasn't holding himself out as Olivier Alonso, he was just stealing Mr. Aolonso's photograph and claiming it was someone else working with NAAIP. The better term would be "fraud", and Mr. Ruststein engages in fraud in numerous ways.

What I found remarkable is that the old "Our Secret" testimonial, which was previously the "David Gordon" story (originally the David Rustein story), about this grandfather being in insurance, has now become the Nate Golden testimonial. It is now Nate Golden's grandfather who was in the insurance business. Coincidence? No, it's the exact same story, word for word with details, used under a new name/alias.

In December I received an email from a subscriber, who forwarded on to me this material which was sent by NAAIP. It included the following:

[I have added bold to highlight the bits that I want to bring to your attention and discuss.]

Some observations from the quoted paragraphs.

Note the ongoing reference to "Your Website". However, where you visit this NAAIP web page:

Note the contradiction. To rope in "the suckers" they are told by Rutstein it's "Your Website". But in a pinch, the same agent is told:

In fact for those poor NAAIP agents who want to get away from Rutstein, and ask Rutstein to delete their sites, discover that he refuses to do so. His argument is that it's "his site". Once again, the saps are lured in with the "your site" promise only to discover, when there's a problem, that what they thought was their site is Rutstein's site. As long as they play along with Rutstein, the site is their's to control and use. But if they want to leave, that's when Rutstein steals their identity hoping to get leads from the site which he can then profit from. It's all part of the plan. Once Rutstein has the agent, he can profit no matter which way it goes.

Note the reference to your life quote engine. There can be no confusion that the NAAIP agent is told over and over again that the life quote engine belongs to them, it is their's and they are responsible for it on their website. And the NAAIP agent can control the quote system, they can decide to turn it on or turn it off. When Compulife commences a lawsuit, we will sue each of these agents for that reason.

Note this reference: "Our term quote engine results now show product name"

I was amazed by this latest development. The NAAIP agent quotes have now returned to including products names, which compared with the product names produced by our software, are IDENTICAL. This proves with certainly that each NAAIP agent's website is producing quote using the pirated Compulife software. During December I visited each and every NAAIP agent website on this list:

and produced a quote from that agent's site, using that agent's "Life Insurance Quote Engine". I saved each quote, from each agent's website, into a pdf. Many agents configure their quotes by eliminating different companies underlining that each agent has control over that function on their NAAIP website. They can also turn off the Life Insurance Quote Engine if they choose to do so, and we have a number of examples of NAAIP agent websites that do not have the "Life Insurance Quote Engine" enabled. We will rely upon this evidence to prove that each agent, using the "Life Insurance Quote Engine" on their website, is personally and individually responsible for software piracy.

On the page I provided links for the first 5 agents to examples of the pdf quotes from their site. I have over one gigabyte of PDF files from nearly 2,000 NAAIP agent sites. I will rely upon that as evidence in the lawsuit.

And note this comment: Banner, Protective and SBLI had miniscule rate changes

Translation: The quotes on the NAAIP agent sites, for the life quote engine, are out-of-date. Why, because Rutstein is still using Compulife's old internet engine and is unable to update it. Why? Because Rutstein can't steal and use the new engine without Compulife finding out where he got it and being able to turn it off. That's why all the changes we made over the page few months.

Each of the companies referenced by Rutstein have been contacted by Compulife regarding this matter. In truth this entire NAAIP operation could be shut down in a heartbeat if the life insurance companies simply told the life agents involved that their brokerage contracts would be discontinued if the agent refused to cease and desist using the pirated Compulife software on the agent's NAAIP website. So far I have not found one company willing to do so. And there is no doubt that Rutstein is getting paid a bonus/override on this business, most likely through Binyomin Rutstein who I believe to be a close relative.

One person, who was a former employee of Rutstein called me and advised that she thinks David Rustein took Binyomin's identity without permission. I told her that I thought there was evidence that Binyomin is a willing accomplice.

My point is simply that if life companies want to pull the plug on Binyomin Rustein's contract, or file complaints with insurance regulators, it would go a long way to ending this ongoing fraud, and go a long way to helping end Compulife's piracy problem.

In the end, if this theft of our software cannot be ended any other way, a lawsuit will be commenced by Compulife. I hate it because it is a huge expense, and will not make us popular in the industry. But if there is no other way, we will do what we have to do to protect our valuable property.