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COMPULIFE  Software, Inc.

Ever heard of a "stock split"?

How about a subscription split?

Split Your Subscription to 1 or 2 Friends For FREE!

What is a Subscription Split?

Until October 31, 2009 Compulife is letting you "split" your subscription to one or two other people and there is NO ADDITIONAL COST to you or those other people. The second or third person get their very own subscription to Compulife for the balance of your current subscription.


Let's say that you have two friends who do not currently use Compulife. You split your subscription to them.

Compulife gives each of those two people their very own personal use subscription - we do not charge you or them anything. The three of you together will be sharing what you have already paid for the software.

IMPORTANT: You can charge your friends whatever you want.

If you said to each of your two friends, "give me $100", which is half the price of Compulife, your two friends have just paid half price, and in doing so, just paid for your subscription.

If they are really, really good friends, then you could split the cost 3 ways meaning you ask each of them to pay you $67 (1/3 the price) which effectively lowers your cost for Compulife to $65 per year.

HINT: If you have only 6 months left on your subscription then you should multiply the numbers by 50% (6 divided by 12).

But what happens at the end of the subscription?

Each of you can continue Compulife at the normal price of $199 per year EACH.

But WAIT! Before you say, "Well there's the catch!", Compulife will let you and your splits lock-in the price for up to an additional 3 years.

IMPORTANT: To determine how long you have left on your subscription, click the "Help" button in your Compulife program, then click the last choice "About". The last RED date on the screen is how long you have left on your current subscription.

For example, you could add two more years to each of the three subscriptions by paying $398 (2 times $199). And those additional 2 years get added to the balance of EACH of the three subscriptions. If you ask each of your two friends to pay $100 per year for the additional 2 years (half our retail price), then your subscription will be FREE for 2 more years. (remember, you can add up to 3 years - that's the limit).

The are some other limits on this offer. Your splits cannot split again. The person you split to must not have been a Compulife subscriber during 2008 or 2009. However, if they had a 4 month free subscription, but didn't buy, they are still eligible for your split. This cannot be combined with other discounts or offers*.

How will your friends know if Compulife is what they want if they have not used it before? Easy, get a 30 Day Free Trial for each of your friends. You can use this referral page to make the request:


But you need to act quickly. This offer, for existing subscribers, will be gone on October 31, 2009.* And if we don't get a lot of participation from existing subscribers, we may introduce this to general market as a "Buy 1, Get 2 Free" sale. The early bird will get the worm.

  *Offer valid until October 31, 2009. Cannot be combined with any other offer, including our current offer of 4 FREE Months for new subscribers.