Norton is CRAP!

July 28, 2014 Update:

Norton has really screwed up the works. As we told you in the July 14, 2014 Update below, Norton placed our CQSDOWN.EXE file in Quarantine which caused problems as the users could not do updates following the quarantine.

Unfortunately the Quarantine of that file had another even nastier impact in that those who had not gotten the file out of quarantine by today, and simply ignored the issue, discovered today that the Compulife program would not run.

It took us most of the day to figure it out, but we discovered that attempting to run GOWIN.EXE, when no CQSDOWN.EXE is present, on or after the 28th of the month, means the program would not run at all. There was no error message to point to the fact that CQSDOWN.EXE was not present in the Compulife folder, only a message about needing the August 2014 monthly update.

Here are the files in quarantine, which need to be taken out of quarantine.

If you cannot get these files out of quarantine, then the COMPLIFE folder will need to be renamed, we usually call the renamed folder: COMPLIFEOLD

Following that, you will need to install Compulife as if the computer did not have Compulife on it before.

On a side not, if I could get my hand on the people at Norton responsible for this stuff, I would wring their necks.

Those of you who have Norton would be well advised to dump that piece of crap and get something that doesn't claim to find viruses where there are no viruses.

July 14, 2014 Update:

Norton is back at it.

Compulife made some changes to our CQSDOWN.EXE program file, in order to require the system to pull fresh update files from the internet, and not permit the computer to get those files from its cache, and Norton declared our software to have a virus.

IMPORTANT: Only Norton complained.

Here is what Norton users are getting:

Needless to say, our software DOES NOT contain the SONAR.Heuristic.120 virus.

If you are a Norton user (you have our sympathies, we wouldn't have that junk on our computers) you will need to click on the "Restore" option at the bottom of that screen.

Here is what we had said previously.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Compulife program file "GOWIN.EXE". Despite this, a recent edition of Norton anti-virus is placing our program file into its "quarantine" and doing so without asking the computer user if they want the file quarantined.


Let me emphasize, There is NO PROBLEM WITH COMPULIFE! This is a Norton fabricated problem. Frankly, the conduct of Norton is outrageous!

We have made attempts to contact Norton - without any meaningful response. Subscribers have contacted Norton, no response. It's like communicating with a brick wall.

It should be added that we have had Norton quarantine our file in the past, but ONLY AFTER ASKING THE USER if the file should be placed in quarantine. Most Compulife subscribers know that GOWIN.EXE is a Compulife file. This latest escalation/catastrophe is being caused by Norton NOT ASKING THE USER.

Our recommendation is simple, get rid of Norton and purchase a GOOD virus product. We recommend AVAST, the free version, which you can obtain at www.avast.com.

Compulife® - Norton Repair Instructions

The following instructions will assist you if Norton quarantines or removes Compulife (gowin.exe) during an update.

  1. Open Norton
  2. Click on Tasks | Security History
  3. Find the gowin.exe quarantine entry and click on it
  4. Click options, and say restore file
  5. Make sure the box is checked that says "exclude this file in future scans"
  6. Go to My Computer or Computer and double click the C: drive
  7. Double Click the Complife folder and then double click the gowin.exe in that folder
  8. When Compulife open, go to the top of the red menu and click options, then click the last option create desktop shortcut

Compulife® - NOT Norton's Only Victim

Some subscribers seem to doubt us when we tell them "Norton is Crap". They wonder how such a large, well known company, could be doing something for no reason. We do not believe Norton is acting maliciously, we just believe that their software is CRAP! Consider what others are saying and have experienced.

This from Wikipedia:

    Problems caused by false positives "false positive" is when antivirus software identifies a non-malicious file as a virus. When this happens, it can cause serious problems. For example, if an antivirus program is configured to immediately delete or quarantine infected files, a false positive in an essential file can render the operating system or some applications unusable. In May 2007, a faulty virus signature issued by Symantec [MAKER OF NORTON] mistakenly removed essential operating system files, leaving thousands of PCs unable to boot. Also in May 2007, the executable file required by Pegasus Mail was falsely detected by Norton AntiVirus as being a Trojan and it was automatically removed, preventing Pegasus Mail from running. Norton anti-virus had falsely identified three releases of Pegasus Mail as malware, and would delete the Pegasus Mail installer file when that happened. In response to this Pegasus Mail stated:

      On the basis that Norton/Symantec has done this for every one of the last three releases of Pegasus Mail, we can only condemn this product as too flawed to use, and recommend in the strongest terms that our users cease using it in favour of alternative, less buggy anti-virus packages.

      NOTE: Read the Pegasus Bulletin here

Read the postings on this discussion board: Riftgame Forum

And there's lots more to read. Google "Norton is Crap" and you will find lots of stuff like this.

Compulife did nothing wrong. We have been ambushed by Norton. What is really amazing are the number of people who think that there must be a reason why Norton attacked us.

From our midmonth bulletin, after we first learned of the Norton problem:

From time to time we have had Norton attempt to quarantine our software, but the midmonth update of July 13th contained a new version of our software which Norton Quarantined WITHOUT ASKING OR WARNING.

To address the problem, for the weekend to follow, we posted a new update, removing the new version of our software, with the following bulletin/notice to our subscribers:

* * * WARNING * * *

Norton USERS

* * * WARNING * * *

The update that preceded this update contained a new version of the Windows program - see item 5.

As soon as Norton users installed the update, Norton placed our program in quarantine WITHOUT WARNING and WITHOUT ASKING if the user wanted the program in quarantine. Following that, our customers were unable to run Compulife.



Are we ticked off? What do you think?

Let me sum it as nicely as I can:

Norton is a heaping pile of crap.

If you use Norton we would strongly recommend you buy a real virus program.

We use: www.pctools.com

NOTE: Norton has purchased PCTools

We are now using the free version of AVAST - www.avast.com

For the weekend, we have taken our newest GOWIN.EXE file out of this update. If you wish to use the newest GOWIN.EXE, then you can manually downloaded it from:


We are doing this as the office will be closed Friday and so we don't want subscribers having this problem, without a support solution, over the weekend. The GOWIN.EXE will be put back into the software with Monday's update.

You can find the instructions on how to get Compulife back from Norton's quarantine by going to:


NOTE: The instructions to fix the problem were developed with the assistance of one of our subscribers who has had to, on numerous occasions, go into the Norton software to un-quarantine different software products.

This is why we say, without reservation, that Norton is crap.

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