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Update News for February 2016    

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • IMPORTANT! Exciting Changes in 2016

    • Bonus Option - Locking In Existing Prices Before June 1st

    • Choose What Fits You Best

    • New Zip Code Pricing

    • Changes to FREE Zip Codes

    • "Compulife Advanced"

    • Web Quote Options - Prices Unchanged

    • Agent Software Goes à la carte

    • $96 or $96 plus $96

    • Monthly: $10 or $10 plus $10

    • Why Is Compulife Basic Now The Base?

    • PC Software and Zip Codes

    • $96 or $96 plus $96 (Deja vu)

    • Changes To Bulk Purchases

    • Buying Additional Compulife Basic Devices

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

IMPORTANT! Exciting Changes in 2016

During the first two weeks of January, we saw a huge demand for new and renewed zip code purchases. The increased requests were encouraging. The surge told us three things: 1) the product we are offering is excellent, 2) the product we're offering is in high demand, and 3) the demand is exceeding the supply.

One of the changes we implemented in November was reducing the limit of zip codes to ensure that "better" zip codes were available to more customers. Those that came available after the first of the year were quickly snapped up within hours of releasing the changes.

Term4sale Price Changes

In an effort to improve our services, we're looking at implementing several levels of change; some immediate, some long term. In 2017, prices for zip codes will increase. Any customers who purchases additional zip codes after April 1, 2016 will pay the new premium.

Product Changes

We are thrilled to announce that the existing "Compulife mobile edition" has been re-branded and will now be referred to as "Compulife Basic." This latest improvement can be purchased as a base level product. The previous mobile edition website address was "Compulife Basic" will now be accessed through Any future references to our previous mobile product will we changed to "Compulife Basic" in the weeks to come.

We are also re-branding our previously versions of Windows Desktop Compulife. Those who used our Personal Use Edition will see similarities to our new products found in "Compulife Deluxe." "Compulife Deluxe" will incorporate "Compulife Basic" and the "Personal PC software." The standard License Edition will reflect products featured in "Compulife Advanced": "Compulife Basic" and "Agency PC software." As of July 1, 2016, we will be changing our pricing for the software. Additional information about these products and pricing will be reviewed below.

In summary, look for pricing increases at Term4sale as of April 1, 2016. If you'd like to purchase additional zip codes before that date, we will honor our existing prices until the 2017 renewal period. Be sure to make these purchases before April 1, 2016.

Compulife products are changing!! Look for additional information below for those changes. Please note that software pricing changes will not take effect until July 1, 2016. With renewal invoices being released mid-May for July 1st, we will be using the new pricing starting mid-May.

Bonus Option - Locking In Existing Prices Before June 1st

Just a reminder - those who want to lock in the old prices can do so before June 1st. Those receiving an invoice in mid-May, for renewal July 1st, can elect to pay before June 1st, choosing the existing packages and prices. Please note: This is not automatic. It is a choice to those subscribers who have contacted us before June 1st.

In addition, those wanting to lock in the current/old pricing, can do so for up to 3 full years, following their current subscription deadline, and can do so and take advantage of the 10% discount for a 2 year subscription, or the 20% discount for a 3 year subscription.

Choose What Fits You Best

For many, price changes will be a moderate increase, for others the new prices can be a reduction for those wanting and buying less. Our "à la carte" strategy will allow agents to choose their own options. The components to the previous packages are being separated into parts. If you won't need every feature, your price is reduced. If you find you're needing more, you can add more.

Those individual agents with small price increases may noticed those are the result of increased prices for zip codes and/or the removal of local zip codes. Those taking advantage of lower priced products will find that they are getting less.

New Zip Code Pricing

The cost to purchase a zip code is increasing from $1.25 per month (payable to the end of the calendar year) to $1.50 per month.

Standard license subscribers ("Compulife Advanced") who are buying more than 90 zip codes, will pay $2 per month for each additional zip code over 90.

Those who were paying $1.50 per month for each zip code over 90, will have that price increased to $2 per month.

Once again, the new prices are effective April 1st.

IMPORTANT: These changes do not affect those who have already bought and paid for their zip codes for 2016. Only additional purchases made on/or after April 1st will have the new prices applied.

Renewals for 2017 will be invoiced at the new prices. Further, Standard License subscribers who were able to purchase up to a total of 360 zip codes in 2016 will now be offered up to 320 in 2017. We encourage those moving from 360 to 320 zip codes to take steps to analyze your results from this year's contacts to ensure that you identify the best zip codes from your current group.

Changes to FREE Zip Codes

With the "à la carte" system, all zip codes will be available for purchase ONLY. Discounted zip codes will be available and referred to as "LOCAL zip codes", with one identified as your "HOME" zip code. Local zip codes are available at a low price of $12 each per year.

NOTE: You'll noticed that the price for local zip codes has been reduced. Those purchasing the Deluxe edition have the option of purchasing up to 3 Local zip codes. Those purchasing the Advanced can purchase up to 6 Local zip codes.

Local zip codes still get priority. If your personal or office address is within a 20 miles radius of the local zip codes that you want to be listed in, you can bump Paid listings. Thus, local zip codes cost less and are more valuable because they let you get into zip codes that you might otherwise not be able to purchase.

IMPORTANT: Bumping can only occur during the first week of November.

This year's date for bumping zip codes (for 2017) will be: Monday November 7, 2016, at 9am EST. The option will be available all week and end on Friday, November 11th at 4:30pm EST.

The best date to buy additional zip codes for 2017 will be: Monday January 9, 2017, at 9am EST.

We will have more information, about both these dates and opportunities, as we get closer to the end of the year.

"Compulife Advanced"

With changes to the Standard License Edition, we have now rebranded our Agency features to offer "Compulife Advanced". "Compulife Advanced" with three local zip codes is $336. If you choose to opt out of local zip codes, your cost is $300. The price is being increased from $300 to $336 (the cost of the three zip codes).

A subscriber to "Compulife Advanced" will be entitled to purchase a second set of 3 local zip codes:

3 local zip codes (1 home, 2 local) - $36 plus $300
6 local zip codes (3 more local) - $72 plus $300

With an increased local zip code option, there may be some "Deluxe" subscribers who would choose to upgrade to the "Advanced" subscription in order to have access to more local zip codes. If you do choose the "Advanced" option and only have 3 local zip codes, you may want to evaluate increasing your local zip codes to 6.

IMPORTANT: Any such upgrades can be done in November, at the same time as you are allowed to bump paid zip codes.

Once again, decisions to upgrade to 6 local zip codes can be made in November. The cost of the upgrades will be based upon the price difference per month times the number of months left in the subscription.

"Compulife Advanced" subscribers, who currently do not have any zip code listings, such as life insurance companies, will see their price unchanged. That subscriber will simply have no zip code listings.

"Compulife Advanced" subscribers with zip code listings will have their renewal price increased after June 1st from $300 to $336. If the "Compulife Advanced" subscriber wishes, after they receive the renewal with the increased price, to drop their 3 zip code listings, then the $336 price will return to $300.

Once again, those wanting to keep their 3 local zip codes, AND lock in the old lower price, can act before June 1st to extend their current subscription by one to three years at the old price and keep the 3 local zip codes for free.

Compulife Advanced subscribers will continue to have access to Compulife Basic on up to 12 devices, as part of their subscription. As we previously announced, those devices can be any agents or brokers who operate outside the office of the Compulife Advanced subscriber.

Web Quote Options - Prices Unchanged

The prices for the "Web Quote Options" and the "Internet Engine" are unchanged, but the terminology used to describe those products is changing.

A subscriber to Compulife who buys the web Quote option is purchasing "Plus" feature. There are 3 possible plus product combinations:

      Compulife Basic Plus: Compulife Basic + Website Quoter $96 + $96 = $192
      Compulife Deluxe Plus: PC Software for Agent + Compulife Basic + Website Quoter $96 + $96 + $96 = $288
      Compulife Advanced Plus: PC Software for Agency + Compulife Basic (12 Devices) + Website Quoter $336 + $96 = $432

A subscriber to Compulife who buys the Internet Engine is purchasing:

      Compulife Advanced Elite: PC Software for Agency + Internet Quote Engine + Compulife Basic (12 devices) $300 + $960 = $1,260

Agent Software Goes à la carte

Compulife offers discounts to individual agents who use Compulife for their own personal sales and production. The agent agrees not to give access to the software or the quotes from the software to other agents.

NOTE: Individual agent use does not apply to the Web Quote version which an agent may place on their website and where they can allow free access by anyone on the web.

CAUTION: Setting up FREE sites for other agents, on or through your site, is NOT PERMITTED. No one does FREE anything, there is always a monetary quid pro quo and Compulife does not permit partnerships to be an excuse to circumvent our license in order to have our web quote software on multiple agent sites. To have a web quote option on a site, the person who owns the site must have a subscription to Compulife.

Please remember, Compulife does not participate in your sale of life insurance. We do not take a cut of anyone's compensation, we are not paid for agent referrals, production, ANYTHING. We only make money from the sale of our service. There is no hidden revenue stream which we long considered a conflict of interest. Further, our subscribers would not be very happy with us if they found out we compete with them.

To reiterate, your Personal PC software cannot be shared with other agents. The subscriber buying Compulife Basic is also agreeing that they will not give quotes to other agents. Your website quoter is permitted unlimited visitors.

$96 or $96 plus $96

All individual agent subscriptions to Compulife begin with the cloud based version of our software which is now called Compulife Basic. Compulife Basic runs on all modern computer and operating systems because it is accessed by a browser through the internet.

Compulife Basic is $96 per year. That can be purchased alone. ANY other Compulife options that an agent wants, will be based upon Compulife Basic at $96 per year.

If the agent wants the Web Quote option, they must first have a Compulife Basic. The Web Quote Option is then added to that price:

 Compulife Basic:    $96 per year
 plus Compulife Web Quote option:    $96 per year
 Compulife Basic Plus:  $192 per year

Previously, the agent who only wanted web quotes had to purchase the PC software for $180 and the Web Quote option for $96 for a total of $276. That agent can now purchase the web quote for only $192, a cost saving of $84.

Monthly: $10 or $10 plus $10

For the first time in over 20 years Compulife is going to permit those buying our software to do so on a monthly basis. The cost is 20% higher, quite fair when you consider that we provide a 20% discount to those who buy a 3 year subscription. Administration and the processing of payments cost money.

 Compulife Basic:  $10 per month
 plus Compulife Web Quotes:  $10 per month
 Compulife Basic Plus:  $20 per month

And yes, if an agent wants ONLY Compulife Basic they can buy that for only $10 per month.

NOTE:  Compulife Basic and Compulife Basic Plus subscribers cannot purchase Term4Sale zip code listings and those packages do not come with zip code listings.

To qualify for the monthly billing the customer must place a credit card on file with Compulife. On the 7th of each month our staff will invoice the monthly paying customers, and process a payment for the monthly renewal. In the event that a credit card payment is declined, the customer will be notified by email and given 2 weeks to rectify the problem. If the problem is not corrected the subscription will terminate. Any future purchase of Compulife will be done on an annual basis only.

Why Is Compulife Basic Now The Base?

Increasing numbers of agents are asking for Apple software, or software for their Ipad or phone. While the PC version of Compulife will run on a Mac, using a Windows emulator such as found at, many say they just don't want to bother with that.

On the flip side of that reality Compulife has little interest in developing "aps" that run on Apple products, Android products, Linux products; whatever. If we were selling millions of software products it would be a different story, but Compulife counts its customer base in thousands, not millions. Customers often forget that this company serves a narrow, niche market and that there are real limits to who will buy our product. If we had an Apple ap, we would count additional customers in the low hundreds, if that. It's just not worth the cost of development and maintenance.

By focusing on the fact that Compulife now has a "cloud" version of our product (Compulife Basic), that will run on any machine or device connected to the internet, we kill a couple of birds with one stone.

First, there are those who think everything is going to the cloud anyway. Some agents lecture Compulife that we should be moving to cloud. There are even folks who buy and run their word processing on the cloud. For those who like the cloud, we can now say that Compulife Basic is cloud based.

Second, because our cloud product is Compulife Basic, an because it is fully responsive, it will run easily on any internet device with a browser.

So from this point, moving forward, the base version of Compulife is Compulife Basic, a cloud based product.

And with Windows 10 tablets available at ridiculously low prices, such as this one:

iRULU 8 Inch 32GB Quad Core Tablet PC - $96 (what a coincidence)

It makes no sense trying to fit our software on hardware that will never be as powerful as a PC computer, which the $96 tablet is. So if you seriously want to conveniently carry the PC version of Compulife into a sale, and you want complete portability without the need for cloud access, then buy a Windows tablet.

To summarize, Compulife Basic runs on anything, including a PC.

PC Software and Zip Codes

The Windows Desktop version of Compulife must be purchased if an agent wants 3 local zip code listings.

We want to ensure that the agents who are talking to consumers, who have found those agents through our website, are equipped with the most powerful version of Compulife. When it comes to features and options NOTHING beats the PC software; at least not yet.

But the answer to the question, "Do I have to have a Windows PC to run Compulife?", has now changed from Yes to No.

$96 or $96 plus $96 (Deja vu)

The agent who buys the Compulife Basic can get the PC software and 3 local zip codes for an additional $96 per year:

 Compulife Basic:    $96 per year
 plus PC software plus 3 local zip codes:    $96 per year
 Compulife Deluxe:  $192 per year

In effect the price of the old personal use edition of Compulife is increasing from $180 to $192.

 Compulife Basic:    $96 per year
 plus PC software and NO zip codes:    $60 per year
 Compulife Deluxe (no zip codes):  $156 per year

So, if you are an individual agent subscriber to Compulife, and you want your 3 local zip codes, the price is going from $180 to $192. It would make sense to extend your current subscription before June 1st.

If you renew on or after June 1st, we will invoice you based upon the $192 price and assume that you want your 3 local zip codes.

If you don't care about zip code listings, your price for Compulife's PC software will drop from $180 to $156.

Changes To Bulk Purchases

Compulife Advanced subscribers can obtain discounts via bulk purchases of Compulife for their agents. Agents, who obtain Compulife through agencies that have Compulife Advanced are called sub-users.

Access to sub-user bulk pricing is NOT available to those with Compulife Deluxe. However, a Compulife Deluxe user can benefit by referring other agents to Compulife. In addition to giving your referral the opportunity to obtain a 6 free month subscription to Compulife Deluxe Plus (instead of the usual 4 months), we will give YOU another local zip code, for FREE, paid to the end of 2018. Referring new customers is the only way to add more local zip codes which can be used to bump, other than upgrading to Compulife Advanced.

To get that FREE local zip code to the end of 2018, your referral just has to complete the tutorial to get the FREE 6 month Compulife Deluxe Plus subscription. You can make referrals here:

Compulife Referral Form

The old "partner pricing" option is not available following the end of May. Therefore, those who were using partner price discounts need to "lock in" their rates prior to June 1st, by extending their current subscriptions.

The Compulife Basic software is now available for Bulk Purchase at the following prices:

 Compulife Basic 10-29* users:  $84 per year
 Compulife Basic 30-59 users:  $72 per year
 Compulife Basic 60-99 users:  $60 per year
 Compulife Basic 100+ users:  $5 per month

* NOTE: Those buying the Internet Engine ($960) per year, automatically start at the 10 level with the first sub-user.

The Internet Engine, added to a Compulife Advanced subscriber, is now being called Compulife Elite. For those who buy the Internet Quote Engine, the Compulife Basic software is all that your agent/customers needs to purchase in order for you to be able to offer your agents access to the Internet Quote Engine for your agent's website. That's new, and represents a price reduction at the lower volumes.

If the Compulife Advanced purchaser wants their agent to also have access to the Compulife PC version and Zip Code Listings, the new bulk purchase pricing is:

 Compulife Deluxe (with Zip Codes) 1-9:  $132 per year
 Compulife Deluxe (with Zip Codes) 10-29*:  $120 per year
 Compulife Deluxe (with Zip Codes) 30-59:  $108 per year
 Compulife Deluxe (with Zip Codes) 60-99:  $96 per year
 Compulife Deluxe (with Zip Codes) 100+:  $8 per month

* NOTE: Those buying Compulife Advanced Elite (Internet Engine) automatically start at the 10 level with the first sub-user.

For bulk buyers who have already achieved discounts on the old price schedule, we will grandfather your price and package level for 3 more years. Therefore, if you are already buying additional copies of Compulife Deluxe at $60 per year, and your users are getting the PC version of Compulife, 3 zip codes and Compulife Basic, you can continue to purchase that package, at that price level, until June 1, 2019.

If you only achieve the previous $96 level on that package, you can continue to buy that package at that level. Agencies who were on the verge of breaking into the new price level have the option of still doing so PRIOR to June 1st. Whatever level you achieve by that date, is the level you will remain at going forward 3 years.

Alternatively, if you did not care about your agent sub-users having access to the Windows PC software and zip codes, there is no change in your pricing or it could actually drop at the lower volumes.

Buying Additional Compulife Basic Devices

The above ONLY applies to those agencies buying Compulife Advanced who want to have more of their agents having access to the agency's copy of Compulife Basic.

Each Compulife Advanced subscription to Compulife comes with Compulife Basic which can be used on up to 12 devices. That's the SAME Compulife Basic, shared on up to 12 devices. Those devices can be agents who are no licensed for the software.

You can expand the number of devices (agents) by buying blocks of 25 for $100 per year. So if you need 30 devices total, you would pay an additional $100 per year and your device count goes to 37. If you need 100 devices you would need to buy 4 blocks at $400 per year.

An agent sharing your Compulife Basic software will be using the SAME link as all your other agents, and the same password, whatever you set that to. If you think that they are agents gaining access to your Compulife Basic who shouldn't be, and need to change the password, let us know and we will reset your password. You can then enter a new password and you will then need to let the agents using that version know what that new password is - so keep a list of your Compulife Basic users.