Merry Christmas 2007

Have the Angels Rejoiced Over You?

The Bible tells us that the birth of Jesus was so important, that the Angels celebrated His birth:

The birth of Jesus is not the only important birth in Christianity. Read what Jesus said [His words in red]:

NOTE: From this passage we can see that that term "born again" is applied to those who "believe in Jesus".

Jesus also said this:

To summarize, a person is "born again" when they "repent" and "believe". Jesus tells us what happens when that happens:

So this Christmas, as you consider the birth of Jesus, remember that His birth was so important that the angels rejoiced. And for those of us who are Christians, we can also reflect back on that particular point in time when the angels rejoiced over us.

If you are not a Christian, it is my hope that this Christmas you will consider doing something that would make the angels sing and dance.

Becoming a Christian is easy but hard. It does not cost more than you have, but it costs you everything that you have.

This is the simple transaction. You exchange your sinful life for the new life that Jesus can live through you [born again means being born of the spirit of God - Jesus].

You can begin with a prayer, in the name of Jesus, that includes the following:

I recommend that you begin by reading the book of John. Here is a link to the first chapter:

John Chapter 1

NOTE: You can change to John chapter 2 by simply replacing the number 1 with 2 at the top of the screen and clicking on "Update". For those who like to do Bible studies, this is a great web site because you can switch between any of many translations.